Worship Band
The worship band consists of “gifted”, “spiritual”, “humble” and “anointed” instrumentalists who are the main “upfront” team to lead congregational worship on Sunday mornings and for special worship services. It is important that current members and new applicants have strong musical proficiency playing an instrument since is the “face” of worship at Galilee each Sunday.

The worship band performs music for services in the church, including functions such as weddings and funerals and special events as outlined by the Pastor’s administrative executive team. Under the leadership of the Music Director, they plan out what music to play and spend considerable time practicing. Musicians may be called upon to accompany the Pastor to engagements both locally and nationally.

The Music Director schedules regular musician rehearsals to prepare for worship services and other special events.

If you are an active member of Galilee Baptist Church and have a desire to share your musical gift, please contact Byron Powell, .

In our ministry vision, we would like to include, horns, strings and other musical instruments to enhance the music ministry of our church.


Byron Powell

Maurice Davis

Levonzy James

Tommy McMasters
Bass Guitar

Ronald Sadler
Lead Guitar

Worship Team
Membership on the worship team is a privilege, not a right. The purpose of the worship team members is not to showcase their talents or to draw attention to themselves, in any way; rather, it is to unselfishly and inconspicuously direct the hearts of those they are leading toward God in worship.

The Worship Team is a group of committed singers who assist the worship leader every week. Members must have vocal skill and a heart for worship. Interviews and vocal placements are required. A prerequisite for being in the worship team is being a dedicated and active member of the church’s main choir.

The team ministers in both worship services on the second Sunday.

In some instances, as designated by the Minister of Worship and Arts, the worship team will accompany the pastor and provide music.

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